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The Hinckley Fire District currently operates one Advanced Life Support Ambulance, one Basic Life Support Ambulance, and one Advanced Life Support first response vehicle. 


The ambulance is staffed by paid-on-call personnel: one paramedic and one Emergency Medical Technician are on-call 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Ambulance 1852The service is managed by EMS Coordinator Shelly Claxton.  If you are interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician or paramedic, please go to our Application Page for more information.




Ambulance 1852.










 Squad 1801.


The early ambulance service:

Photo of the first purpose-built ambulance in Hinckley, around 1975.The Hinckley Fire District has operated an ambulance service since the mid 1970's.  The ambulance service provided Basic Life Support (BLS) care, consisting primarily of providing oxygen, splinting broken bones, and providing supportive care. In the mid 1990's, the service was upgraded to Intermediate Life Support, which allowed technicians to start IVs and place breathing tubes for critically ill patients. 

Since 2001, the ambulance service has provided Advanced Life Support (ALS), which allows paramedics to start intravenous therapy, insert breathing tubes, provide advanced cardiac care and administer many life-saving drugs. Also, in May 2005, the service began performing 12-lead EKG heart monitoring, with the ability to transmit the result directly to our resource hospital. This will greatly improve our ability to care for the heart attack patient.

Currently, the ambulance transports to the patientís choice of three area hospitals: Valley West Community Hospital in Sandwich (our closest), Kishwaukee Community Hospital in DeKalb, and Provena-Mercy Center Hospital in Aurora. Patients who wish to be treated in other hospitals must arrange for transport by another agency, usually a private ambulance service.

The Fire District Ambulance service is subsidized by the Fire District tax funds. To help alleviate the burden of this service to the tax payers, the Fire District began billing for ambulance service in late 1999. Fees are charged to patients when the Hinckley Fire District ambulance transports the patient to a hospital.

Ambulance billing as of September 4, 2003. Billing is based on the level of care provided.


Fire District Resident                         Non-Resident

ALS $440.13                                        ALS $640.13

ALS2 $592.29                                      ALS2 $792.29

BLS $386.43                                        BLS $586.43

Mileage $5.47 per mile                      Mileage $5.47 per mile




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